Our telemarketing campaigns are often tailored to a specific risk profile or sector – one of which we recently put together and delivered for a client who has close ties to one of the best known names in underwriting within the U.K.

As a Broker/Insurer initiative, it was vital that the right messaging was delivered and that we were able to provide a number of opportunities that both the broker and insurer wanted to get in front of, as a 2 pronged approach in order to display the specialisms of both organisations and to maximise the opportunity of converting the businesses they were in front of in to clients, in to GWP and ultimately in to income.

Over an 8 week period, this campaign was short term but with big aspirations, our target was to deliver 100 leads, of those, 40 appointments which were to be booked in a 12 week window and 60 other ‘leads’ that were to be nurtured further by the client in the 3 months ahead of the campaign close date.

On target, on time and on budget – we delivered on every aspect of the campaign brief and were successful in providing more than £1.5m in GWP – as a result we are now the partner of choice for the broker, working on their campaigns every month.

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