Our History

March 8

New Director Appointed

We are excited to announce that along with the opening of our new office in London, the appointment of Regional Managing Director will also be announced in the coming weeks. Having recruited directly from the Insurance Sector we know that the latest appointment to the Management Team will be a welcome addition to our Board. Commenting on the appointment, our Group Managing Director, Francis Thomson, said;- “Our company has taken many different personalities on in the 10+ years since our inception, therefore the firm is no stranger to newcomers and adapting to a team that evolves as the business requires – on this occasion though, we are recruiting from a..Read More
March 4

——- New Office Opened

We are pleased to announce the opening of another Sattalite office in the U.K – this time we are opening in Bedford and as a result have better knowledge, understanding and insight into the areas of Hertfordshire, part of the Midlands and North London that wouldn’t have been possible before. Our footprint in terms of resources also increases and gives us an additional 5% of calling hours, appointment potential.
March 2

New Office Opened

London is already the home of our Registered Head Office, we now have another office within London and are pleased to announce that it is now open and actively producing appointments. If you want to speak to someone who specifically understands the City market and how appointment setting is best placed to work there, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this in more depth with you.
March 1

—— TeamCentric.co.uk Launches

Our new website – which is now secured with SSL is now live and active for all users. This upgrade revision of our website was strategically planned to incorporate a wide array of new features whilst also taking in to account the need for online security, so SSL was a requirement we set at the beginning and is now implemented as a result.
March 1

MyCentric Launches

MyCentric – the new client platform which is our new portal for clients to view, download and shares their documentation provided by Centric Services is now officially live and active for client use.
January 1


Our new CRM platform is launched and includes over 10,000 changes and upgrades specifically requested or suggested by Insurance Brokers.
August 8

Centric Insurance

As a provider of leads to the insurance sector, we decided that it was time to put all the leads we couldn’t sell to clients (GWP too low or out of range) and turn them in to realised income – so we partnered up with an insurance provider who allows us to provide lower end premium risks and have them quoted and put on cover should the business be won. At present we only operate with this format in areas where we don’t already operate for an existing client or where our clients specifically target using our services So currently our services are available in Shrewsbury, Hertford, Devon, Southampton, Isle..Read More
March 8

Record Breaking CentricCRM

CentricCRM becomes the first CRM system to combine telemarketing with actual quotations which was not designed and built by the insurance sector.
January 2

From Spray-Gun to Laser

We started out targetting everyone, no matter what line of work they were in, becasue to be fiar the art of telemarketing is transferrable to any sector and can be used for any line of work that requires face-to-face meetings between clients and providers. However, we noticed a few things during this time, firstly, we were really good at booking appointments for insurance brokers of any shape or size and enjoyed doing do too – secondly, the appointments we booked for insurance brokers were quickly converting in to business wins for our insurance brokers, whilst the clients were also either saving money, getting better service or a combination of both..Read More
December 8

Rebuilding The Empire

Naturally, after the markets take a demolition approach on everything and everyone in their path – there are going to be people and firms who don’t want to wait until the storm passes, the wind settles or the land lies calm. There are those of us who simply have to get on to survive, which is exactly what we did – and there was a number of years where getting in to Telemarketing for Insurance Brokers was respite – to say the least – and so it was then that the services we offer today actually started to flourish.