Helping you invest in your people

Whilst our core services involve us delivering services directly to you and often in replacement or in the absence of an internal team – we also work with clients who have an existing setup with telemarketing agents and their own calling processes and procedures in order to help them to ‘gear up’ and take their appointment setting skills to the next level, we do this for all types of agent no matter what their experience level is and can work with newly formed teams with employees that have never done this type of work to established teams with vast amounts of experience who have been in the game for a long period of time.

We will turn every person, team or department around, guaranteed. Yes, that’s what we said, guaranteed!.

If you have a person, team or department who are not achieving the numbers you need or maybe they are stagnating and not doing too bad but you know they could do better. We can help. We will turn procrastination in to inspiration, we will make low-level appointment setters book more, we will make high-level appointment setters book more, there is a ceiling limit of course but to date we have never come across anyone who is already at this level or would be above it after our consultation with the exception of our Managing Director, Francis Thomson, of course, who is proudly still the Appointment Setting Record Holder at no less than 4 different companies, one of which is Travelex Corporate Foreign Exchange, the World’s largest provider of foreign currency international payments – this was no mean feat at the time and remains unbeaten even after more than a decade.