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We couldn’t have done the numbers this year if it wasn’t for the leads that Centric Services provide us with on a daily/weekly basis. We started out a bit sceptical because we have used other telemarketing companies in the past without noticeable results and in fact as a result we were hesitant to use Centric, but the guarantees they offer and no-nonsense billing as well as the way they handle the lead generation is simply second to none.

Ryan H. Regional Broker, Telemarketing Campaign – General Business, £25k+ GWP risks with focus on Property.

Each year our team added something in the region of 1-2% new business increase, so when we presented them with a new target of 200% increase per person, some people literally ran for the exit. The ones who were hungry to do better, eager to do more, stayed, benefited from receiving at least half a dozen appointments from Centric each month and as a result, we will smash the annual target of £320,000 by the end of Q3 so we will have some breathing space too!.

Paul T. National Broker, Telemarketing Campaign – General Risks, £10k+ GWP with focus on Haulage, Taxis, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Construction and Waste Management.

Our impression of Centric so far is that they are one of, if not the best, provider of B2B telemarketing within the insurance sector. We are just sorry we didn’t find them sooner and are eager to maximise every opportunity they so diligently qualify and provide to us. We could have handled certain aspects in house but after getting off to a flying start we decided to outsource the whole campaign to Centric and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

Phil S. Local Broker, Data Cleansing & Telemarketing Campaigns, General Risks, £5k+ GWP with a focus on local businesses, no Motor Traders, no Haulage, no Taxis.