Our Appointment Setting services are the very core of what we do as a telemarketing provider, generating hundreds of meetings every year and more than £50m GWP to our clients.

In an ever-changing, digitally evolving world, it is easy to assume that the way business is moving forward and embracing this way of life, that telemarketing is something of the past – nothing could be further from the truth.

In the modern business environment businesses and their owners are looking to service providers to give them a more personal approach and to treat them individually in a wider society that treats everyone as a number. So that person-to-person approach is so important now more than ever due to the way other firms have consistently taken their services ‘online’ and opened call-centres to deal with issues that clients need to feel a more proactive and personal approach is being made on.

What we’re made of is why we excel

Our team of telemarketing professionals not only works to qualify opportunities that are the right fit for our brokers’ businesses, but we also do our due diligence in ensuring that each meeting meets the requirements that the individual attending needs in order to give them the best possible chance of converting opportunities into tangible business and income. It is important to understand that there are many factors in converting meetings into fully paid up clients and we always make sure we are delivering the opportunities that at least check the right boxes in terms of how they market their insurances each year (or their preferred intervals) the companies they use to do so, how many brokers they involve in the process – the markets and brokers they tend to partner with (for example, a tech or haulage company who currently have their insurances with the right market for their risk profile). These are just a few points on what it takes to make a Centric appointment – there are so many other factors it would be impossible to list them all – in essence though, our aim is fairly straightforward;- by providing fully qualified and realistic opportunities that your new business development executive or team of execs can convert in to tangible business that is likely to be retained based on your specialisms and level of service, then we are on the right track to establish a long term, lasting relationship between our two firms that allows us both to excel in our own rights whilst growing both businesses organically and expanding as a result. That is what we aim for every time with every client and where we can we always provide more service and provisions than we charge for in order to become an integral part of your team, we want to be your internal team at an external location so to speak.