Our Lead Generation services are similar to our Appointment Setting in that every prospect is fully qualified

The final step of actually arranging the meeting, however, is left to you to complete. Some brokers prefer this as it gives them more autonomy over the booking process and others prefer the opportunity to start building rapport with the prospects from an earlier stage – either way, it the important thing is maximising the opportunities that are converted in to actual meetings whilst also minimising the time you have to spend in doing so.

In order to ensure we are delivering the right leads we first of all look at what your specialisms are as a firm, then what each of your people have particular strengths in and what market access and schemes that you can tap in to that set you apart from the rest of the broking sector in your area.

Getting down to brass tacks

Once we have identified the high-level points, we start to look at mid-level – what kind of geographics you want to operate within, how much GWP is going to be the minimum, the minimum GWP for the furthest away location and the risks that you have no particular strengths, markets or interest in – for example, Haulage or Motor Trade tends to be quite unique and where you have no doubt experienced the fact that there are certain companies who are well placed to service the needs of these clients, it is often the case that the vast majority of the market tends to avoid them on this basis – as such we simply don’t book the type of appointments that you don’t want to attend because we want to put you in front of your target audience and doing so will always ensure you have the best possible chance of converting opportunities into tangible business and income.