Q: How do you go about booking your appointments?

A: Most of the “how” is actually a trade secret, so to speak, but in essence, we use our vast amounts of experience of both the insurance sector and telemarketing, in general, to deliver high-quality appointments to our clients.

Q: How do you deliver “quality” appointments?

A: This is quite simply done by qualification, we identify the needs of our clients and then match prospects to those clients by asking a series of qualification questions which either qualify or disqualify a prospect as a result of the answers provided. Normally, we disqualify as many prospects as we qualify during a campaign, on average meaning that for every appointment we book, we have ‘walked away’ from booking another.

Q: Why do you ‘walk-away’ from so many appointments?

A: We provide certain guarantees and assurances to our clients which basically ensures they get in front of their target market and are not having time-wasting appointments that will not come to fruition – so its important that we deliver the right appointments and not just any meeting with any prospect who says yes – making sure that there is an actual need, as well as a chance of converting the business is another factor we use when booking meetings for our clients.

Q: You say you work exclusively, how does this work?

A: Within a specific postcode or region we operate for one client and one client only – we will not work for or sell to other insurance brokers (or other business types) in that area for the length of time we are your provider of telemarketing services. Of course it is perfectly plausible that we could work with a direct competitor of yours, for example, if you are based in postcode HU and your competition is based in DN, if you work with us in those postcodes, we will not work with anyone else, however, if you only work with us in HU, we may well work with that broker in DN, this isn’t tp provoke any form of competition within our client base and in fact we would rather operate for one client alone across an entire region but this is not always possible and for that reason alone we reserve the right to work with other companies in surrounding areas.

Q: How do I know the appointments will be the right quality?

A: We work with you from the very start to define what you see as an opportunity that is worthwhile – so if its a taxi firm, a manufacturer of glass, a property developer, a haulage firm, a technology company or an international money transfer business, there are always going to be risks you like, specialise in and risks you don’t, for this reason, we qualify in and qualify out, we book only 50% of the appointments we could.