Data is paramount in every business

If you are going to outsource the cleansing of databases you should always consider that the company you give the task to is either well versed or not very experienced at all in the line of work you are in – this is vital because there is no point qualifiying data on the basis of selling the leads paper when you actually sell pens – so to speak – so whilst you can set various qualification questions to steer this process, you cannot be there on every call, to answer every question and open up each opportunity that would otherwise be missed by someone who does not know the insurance broking sector like we do.

This is where you can take a deep breath, exhale easily and relax in the knowledge that Centric are conducting this work for you – because we specialise in telemarketing for insurance brokers, we understand every aspect of the process that takes us from adding and researching leads to developing and nurturing them until we subsequently convert them into opportunities – we know the entire life cycle and specialise in every single aspect of it.

We make your data better than it has ever been

So trusting us to cleanse your data means you will get the perfect content to work with on telemarketing, direct marketing or events driven new business development – you will always be working with the most up to date and relevant information as well as key data that cannot be ‘downloaded’ or even bought ‘en masse’ because it is the kind of insight that you can only get from talking 1-2-1 with a decision maker at the company in question, this is where our normal becomes exceptional, we are expert telemarketing professionals and our duty is to you the client, whilst always knowing that the prospects we deal with also need to be put in the right hands and given the best level of service – so we only work with brokers who have a great track record and specialisms in key areas as well as only putting forward a risk that will be best placed at that client – for example, a Haulage only broker would not necessarily be the best ‘home’ for a risk in Central London with a Tech based programme which is P.I heavy but with no fleet, no more than 10 employees and one fairly small/medium sized office – this would obviously be a risk that is best placed with a broker who specialises in something a little more specific to their needs. So we use qualification – common sense and communication – we will discuss every single opportunity with our clients in order to ascertain whether or not it fits the bill, there is no other way to conduct this line of business, in our opinion.