Centric is a company that provides expert telemarketing support specifically to insurance brokers, intermediaries and providers within the UK market.

We provide unique access to the B2B markets for brokers of all shapes and sizes by offering the resources of a telemarketing professional or team to companies who neither have, nor desire these internal resources and who can use the services on an ad-hoc basis.

We are a tap that can be turned on, turned up and ultimately turned off if required, without the need to let staff go, pay redundancy or fulfil any other contractual obligations to an individual or number of employees.

This is a good reason for why, but the how is equally important – not many companies have the level of experience within the U.K insurance market that we have, time and time again we have delivered campaigns to clients who have, for many reasons, been reticent to starting a relationship with a company like ours because they or some other business they know has had fewer results than expected or have been completely deflated by the entire experience. No problem, we say, because we have measures in place to ensure that you do not lose out at all when using our services.

The guarantee

So we keep things simple from the outset, we offer guarantees on our work and we promise to become your partner of choice or you let us go without penalty financially or otherwise. You pay only for the appointments we generate for you based on your specific criteria and we do not charge you if any appointment fails to meet every single criteria¬†point – for example, if you choose to only receive appointments that are paying in excess of ¬£50,000 GWP we will only book appointments that meet that minimum GWP, although, we use common sense on every occasion too – we always offer you first refusal on the appointments that are out of scope as there are no doubt opportunities that don’t quite fit the criteria for any reason but that may well still be good, solid opportunities nonetheless.

Always being fully transparent is important to us because it instills a level of understanding and a working relationship that is inevitably going to be stronger for it, so our number one aim is to be your external telemarketing partner with an way of operating that feels more like an internal, integral part of your wider team.

Give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements with you and offer a no-obligation quotation based on your exact requirements, 084547-L-E-A-D-S.