So many companies have announced ‘doomsday’ type projections based on ‘no-deal’ and the current ‘deal’

What does this actually mean for regular businesses though? Who knows? All I know is how it is going to affect my business! As CEO of Centric Services, I have the annual performance of the company to take into account and ensure that we are thriving as a business to promote positive results. As a U.K citizen though I feel totally different and somewhat outcast because I do not fear the future like many of the businesses who recently purported to be in the decision making the process of whether they can keep operating in the UK or if they need to move their business somewhere else in the world.

Firstly, if they were going to do that, it would be done already – so this scaremongering that we keep being subjected to is both a terribly misplaced judge of intelligence as well as a complete and utter business whitewash in how, why the big companies want to dupe us into their way of thinking. Of course it doesn’t make sense for big companies to stay quiet when they could potentially sway our way of thinking when it comes to them keeping their business here after Brexit and potentially, one of the following;- scare us all in to assuming it will be so bad after Brexit that they need to close down completely in the UK or move their HQ abroad. Secondly, they attempt to convince us all prior to the act of completing Brexit that its all a mistake and that we need to take another vote to get to the bottom of it – either way, they will continue to try to manipulate us into changing our minds, and why are we bothered, or surprised? I am not surprised at all, in fact, I expected this, genuinely.

It also matters little for our sector, in fact, some laws may relax in the sunset of what was the E.U way of doing things however I suspect that things will be  much the same and that laws will change very little, if at all, because they will need to be somewhat in line with the wider economic area in order to continue doing business with their members. Otherwise, we will not be permitted and our goods or services will suffer as a result, something I think and have already said is inevitable.

Our prices, are not going to change as a result of Brexit – unless we see HyperInflation take over and increase exponentially, we will see nothing more than a 2% increase in travel fares, 5% on average in living costs in London and whilst everything moves along we guarantee that whilst the BoE keeps its interest rate at 0.75%, we will no inflate our prices and will not do so for the remainder of 2019.

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